We have been homeschooling since the oldest was a babe. While getting my BA in education, I really began to think hard about what I wanted educationally for my daughter. As the years passed, I had such fun watching her learn and learning along side her that I couldn't imagine kindergarten. My whole being rebelled against the concept of someone else spending the vast majority of the day raising my child. So kindergarten enrollment came and went and I've never regretted one day of being home with them.
   Over the years we have incorporated unschooling, unit studies, Classical, Montessori, Mason, and virtual school. Currently, we use a mix of it all. What I enjoy most, is watching the "ah ha!" moment when one of the kids grasps a concept. What I love the most about homeschooling is being able to customize learning for each child and letting them learn at their pace. Or maybe I love learning new things with them the most...or maybe it's the amount of time our family spends together...or maybe it's making up lessons...or maybe it's being able to stop and follow any curious thread we stumble upon...or maybe... :)