Breastfeeding is near and dear to my heart- literally and figuratively! The benefits are so overwhelming to both baby and mother. Did you know:
  • breastfeeding reduces cancer risks for both
  • reduces allergies and asthma risks in baby
  • reduces obesity
  • promotes proper oral development
  • helps the uterus contract back to normal size thereby reducing hemorrhage risk
  • releases the "love hormone" or "mothering hormone" oxytocin
  • is free!
  • is environmentally friendly
  • provides baby with antibodies from mom
  • is custom made for baby each time she/he feeds
  • reduces the risk of SIDS
  • gives baby a higher IQ
  • reduces the risk of heart disease later in life
  • helps to protect mom against osteoporosis and hip fracture in later life
  • can help delay return of fertility
  • can help mom lose pregnancy weight faster
  • breastfed babies poop is less stinky!
  • provides comfort for a fussy baby or toddler
What's not to love about that? :)