Thursday, June 6, 2013

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because supporting a laboring mommy creates grammar brain farts!


Do you like the post title?! Lol! It's true though, supporting a woman in labor, or facilitating the peeps learning, or managing the house, or running the blogs (,, and or just living a busy life can cause the dreaded brain fart. You know, when you can't recall that particular word or misspell the most obvious of words, the, "uhhhhhh...duhhhhh...pfffffttttttt....grammar brain fart" moments. They happen! And, if you're a student or blogger or writer, they can be as unseemly as an actual fart. Nobody wants to do that in polite company!

Now, can help us out. (Think of them as the grammar gas-x! Saving us from brain farts!) In all seriousness,  I think Grammarly is a great resource for any student, teacher, parent, business owner, or writer. While this post isn't "birth" related, my aim is to help you wherever I can, and I think Grammarly is a big help.They catch up to ten times more mistakes than most word processing programs.

Check them out!


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